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Our Responsibility

Tough 7 Security Service (Security Guard/ Bouncer/ House Keeping) is one of the growing in the Odisha private security industry.

We are offering the Services

Our success can be attributed to our approach to be business. Our Security personnel are direct employees of Tough 7 Security Service.

Registration Details

Our Firm, Tough 7 Security Service is registered with the following authrity and authorised to run the security and Manpower Services throughout the Odisha.

Registration No. : 978/2015
GST Registration No. : AAKFT6686MSD001
Established Registration No. : II-2392
MSME/UDYAM RG. NO. : UDYAM- OD-07-0001574

Employee state Insurance : 44000237540001099
Employee Provident Fund No. : ORBBS2012388000


We believe in a very high standard of basic training and regular refresher training. The training process is ongoing and our security personnel are constantly imparted refresher training to keep them undated on the latest security threats and techniques.

Our Training schedules are as per the Govt. guidelines mentioned in “ PSARA” 2009 where our trainers train civilians so that they can be employed as security guards and supervisors. So we provide both physical & class room training including fire fighting. The trainees can handle any type of catastrophe or hazard.

For best training, we offer our security persons to following courses as and when required :

Company Policy

Tough 7 Security Service is one of the growing in the Odisha private security industry.

The Sharpest looking uniforms and equipments, together with strict personal grooming standards, provides a highly professional appearance to residents and the public.

Pay Rates
We abide the common minimum wages act of the Government as amended from time to time. Our group basic pay rate varies per hour, based on experience, length of service, rank etc.

For successful of clients, We believe a strong link of daily communications is essential. We have established a system whereby our operations management team will have frequent visits to our client sites.